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[Note from the Editor: Scroll down below all of the pictures to read the article about the location.]
These are photos of the property and historical marker from the left side of the road as you go into town. The marker is behind a fence on the property just north of Freshway that is slated to become the new VA Clinic.

These are photos of the second marker from the right side of the road as you go into town. The marker is behind a fence at Middle Georgia Fleet Services. These two markers are dated from the 1930's and have historical significance to the City of Zebulon and Pike County.
BREAKING NEWS: VA Location Will Be the Edwards Property by the North Zebulon City Limits
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON - Many people around Pike County already "knew" where the VA facility was going to be, but Pike County Times has been unsuccessful in finding someone from the VA to confirm this information. Today's confirmation came from a quick stop along the side of the road to talk with someone who was out there doing work. This goes along with a fascinating history to this piece of property, and a promise that Pike County Times will print the actual confirmation from the VA when the final information is finally gathered and disseminated to the local media.

This top photo is a photo of the new VA Clinic that is coming to Pike County. The photo release from Friday advises that the 49,300 net usable square foot facility will open in the Fall of 2021 and will provide local Veterans with primary care, mental health, and specialty care services.

The photo release from Friday afternoon also notes that the clinic will be located in the city of Zebulon along US Hwy 19 and will serve Veterans Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

The new location hasn't been officially disclosed by the VA yet. However, Pike County Times spoke to a gentleman along the roadway in front of Freshway today who was working on drawing up measurements for a sewer line.

Pike County Times then confirmed from the contractor that this work is ongoing for a proposal for a sewer line that will run up to 200 feet north of the Zebulon City Limits. This corresponds with the Edwards property proposal for the VA Center and corresponds with the Historical Society information that Pike County Times has obtained.

[Note from the Editor: I am precise about the information that I report and the headline was changed from Just North of the Zebulon City Limits to read By the North Zebulon City Limits because at least some of this property is inside of the city limits of Zebulon, and I don't have the exact location of where this will be situated on the land lots.]

Information about the historical significance of this property location is fascinating!

Historical Marker

The Department of Veterans Affairs contacted Lynn Ballard Cunningham from the Pike County Historical Society on May 31, 2019 in reference to the proposed VA Outpatient Clinic location located near the City of Zebulon just north of town. The VA made an effort to identify “any sites of historic, architectural, or archeological significance” that could be affected by the building of this clinic on the property.

Lynn sent a letter to the VA Project Manager advising that there was not mention of the two city limit markers that were created in the 1930’s in conjunction with the opening of the East/West portion of the “Dixie Highway.” She said, “These stone pillars are an important part of our history and can not be destroyed.”

These markers have already been moved once when Highway 19 was widened and today sit in a field on the left side of the road coming into town and inside of the fence at Middle Georgia Fleet Services on the right.

She included two transcribed articles from the Pike County Journal in 1932 which described the stone pillar markers that would mark the entrance to the Zebulon City Limits. The November 4, 1932 article told about the decision to put another rock marker across the road from the first one completed by J.S. Dunn.

“This marker has created quite a bit of favorable comment and will stand for years as a monument to the progressiveness of those who contributed to its erection.” At that time, these pillars were described as “one of the biggest advertisements” to those coming through Zebulon.

The marker was sponsored by the Women’s Club of Zebulon and was paid for with the “business and professional people of the town.”

The December 2, 1932 Pike County Journal article gave thanks to all who contributed to the city marker and asked for assistance in building the second one. It was advised that all who contributed would have their names sealed up in the center of the marker along with a copy of the Pike County Journal and the article about the marker.

Lynn ended her letter by saying, “So if you select a property any where near these markers, great care must be taken to preserve them.” She thanked them for their consideration and signed the letter as the President of the Pike County Historical Society.

A June 18, 2019 letter to Lynn and several others was sent by email regarding the 1930’s city limit markers. VA Project Manager Kent Walker advised that there have been discussions with the City of Zebulon in order to address her concern about the historical significance of these markers and attached a letter from the City of Zebulon on the matter.

The letter was signed by Zebulon City Administrator Larry Mitcham and advised as follows: “Based on the recent inquiry in connection with the siting of the VA facility, the City of Zebulon represents that all reasonable efforts are being made to remove and relocate (unless preservation of the monument is not possible) the City Limit Monument located on the potential VA site at the north limit of the City of Zebulon. The removal of the monument from the site and its relocation, for preservation purposes, is being done in conjunction with the Pike County Historical Society.”

There have been many discussions about this marker to ensure that it is preserved for future generations. Only one marker is mentioned in the letter from the VA and the City of Zebulon discussion, but Lynn Ballard Cunningham advised Pike County Times that she suggested moving both markers either the courthouse grounds or the Zebulon City Park. This would ensure that the markers could be enjoyed by future generations as a part of Zebulon's history.

Zebulon City Administrator Larry Mitcham advised by phone that the plan is to bring both markers to the Zebulon City Park with the marker in the pasture being moved first. However, the City has to devise a plan to safely move the markers since the marker in the field is attached to a base that is buried 1 1/2 feet underground.

Discussion about moving these historical markers has been in the works for longer than there has been a discussion about the possibility of a VA clinic coming to Zebulon.


The VA advised in an earlier press release that it had awarded a 20-year lease for a Multi-Specialty Outpatient Clinic in Pike County, GA, during the week of September 16. There was a 30 day waiting period before the location could be officially released to the public.

Prior to this time, the historical aspects of this piece of property were investigated which prompted the discussion with Lynn Ballard Cunningham from the Pike County Historical Society.

A VA press release from October 3, 2019 advised that the clinic will have 49,175 net usable square foot space and will serve over 271,000 Veterans. "The lease was awarded to the Molasky Group of Companies and VA currently anticipates completion of the facility in the spring of FY 2022." Click here to read this press release.

Pike County Times has made many phone calls and sent many emails trying to obtain this official location from the VA before stopping to talk to a contractor along the side of the road.

When the VA provides an official release for the location of this facility, Pike County Times will provide that information to the public.

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