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BREAKING NEWS: Ruth Chandler Responds to Community Reaction to the Return of $225,000 Donation
By Editor Becky Watts

ZEBULON - In the February 28, 2023 county commission meeting, Ruth Chandler stood before the Pike County Commissioners and described how her family’s charitable trust donated $225,000 to build the Pike County Animal Shelter. She then gave some options on how commissioners could proceed with the donation that was intended to provide the building for a fully-functioning county-wide animal shelter.

Her preferred choice was for the county to simply give the money back to the charity so the money could be given to Coco’s Cupboard, an organization that has done so much to house, feed, and adopt out Pike County’s stray animal population.

While many in the community have expressed their dissatisfaction and even anger at this decision, Chandler said that the commissioners did exactly what she asked them to do.

“I’m 75. I want to be sure and close out my relationship with the family trust with confidence and success. For me, this was the correct decision and I appreciate it.”

Chandler’s Dream for Pike County’s Animals

Pike County people have taken in as many stray dogs as they can manage, Chandler told Pike County Times. Some people have taken in even more.

She wanted to help the county have the ability to pick up strays and house them in an honorable way.

While the animal shelter was built and has not yet been opened, Chandler had a different way of looking at the situation that she wanted the community to consider.

“We gave them a timeline, and they could not meet it,” she said. “We’re all marching into the future with limited resources and doing the best that we can… I want to thank them for doing the honest, honorable thing.”

“I am grateful that the money was given back,” she said. “They did what I told them was my first choice, and I appreciate the fact that they did.”

“In my opinion, the commissioners are honorable men who are working hard to make good choices for the county.”

She emphasized that she believes that the commissioners acted honorably with her and said that she was very pleased that they did.

What Comes Next?

Chandler said that the Family Trust has every intention of giving this money to Coco’s Cupboard, a charity that was born in Pike County.

Coco’s Cupboard will continue the work of rescuing, feeding, and getting new homes for animals that she envisioned with this donation to the Pike County Animal Shelter.

She said that Coco’s Cupboard is an extremely well run charity, and until the commissioners have a good plan in place for an animal shelter, she urged Pike citizens to support Coco’s Cupboard as much as they can.


“I have no ill feelings toward the commissioners,” she said. “I wish things were different, but I’m content with it.”

And with the donation going to Coco’s Cupboard, animals in Pike County will be rescued and have an opportunity find new homes.

Chandler pointed out that the work is not finished. However, she said, an animal shelter in the future will depend on another generation.

Find out more about Coco's Cupboard by clicking here: www.cocoscupboardinc.org

A history of the animal shelter can be found by clicking here: http://pikecountytimes.com/secondary/BREAKINGNEWSanimalshelter3.6.23.html.

To read the notes from the 8 a.m. budget workshop where the shelter was discussed and the 9 a.m. county commission meeting in which Pike BOC voted 3-2 (Guy, Proctor, Johnson in favor. Jenkins, Daniel against) to give animal shelter $225,000 back to the CLC Foundation and dissolve the Animal Control Board, click here: pikecountytimes.com/secondary/BOC5.10.23.html.

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