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Pike County Times Voter Information Page: US Representative District 3

ZEBULON - Since Rep. Drew Ferguson advised that he would not be running for re-election, many candidates have qualified to run for US Representative District 3 on the Republican and Democratic ballots on May 21, 2024. On the Republican ballot are: Jim Bennett, Mike Crane, Mike Dugan, Brian Jack, and Philip Singleton. On the Democratic ballot are: Val Almonord and Maura Keller.

Congratulations to Mike Dugan and Brian Jack for their win in this race. Thank you to Jim Bennet, Mike Crane, and Philip Singleton for throwing their hats into the race.

There will be a runoff between Mike Dugan and Brian Jack. June 10-14 for early voting. Election Day is June 18, 2024.



My name is Mike Dugan. I’m an Army Ranger, a businessman, and conservative who’s spent more than 30 years serving our state and country. I’m running for Congress in Georgia’s 3rd District because I’ve always been driven by a sense of duty, and a focus on results, whether it was growing up in Carrollton, or spending time in the Army and Georgia Senate.

My mother was a school teacher. My father was a professor and Athletic Director at West Georgia. They raised four children — I’m the youngest. They fostered several other children while we were growing upmany more, and were always active in the community.

From an early age, I learned the importance of a quality education, athletics and the arts, and the values I saw my parents live every single day shaped my drive to work hard and serve.

I graduated from Bowdon High School, got a History Degree from West Georgia, and enlisted in the U.S. Army. I met a girl named Missy, earned her love, and she became my wife, and she’s an amazing mother to our two kids — Meghan and Beau. Missy and I are celebrating 37 years of marriage this year, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her and our family.

During my time as an Army Ranger, I learned so much about leadership, which has carried over to my work as a father, a grandfather on the construction site, and in the legislature. I learned:
• Leadership means making tough decisions.
• Leadership means working for your soldiers. They don't work for you.
• Leadership means eating last. That's because if there's a problem, you're the only one who can fix it.
• Leadership means admitting when you're wrong, owning it and never making that mistake again. I carried these leadership lessons into my time in the General Assembly:
• We cut taxes 3 times and returned $2B to hard-working Georgians. That's because it's your money, not the government's.
• We protected the sanctity of life and passed the heartbeat bill when everyone said it was too hard or too controversial.
• We passed constitutional carry so law-abiding citizens can protect their family, their property and their freedoms.
• We passed the most rigorous election integrity bill in the country, which has been copied by 15 other states, so it's easier to vote but harder to cheat.
• We created a pro-jobs, pro-business, pro-family climate here in Georgia that's the envy of the nation.

I'm asking you to send me to Washington to lead for you, for your families, for our state. And I promise you this:
• I promise you will always know where I stand.
• I promise I will be responsive to you, whom I serve.
• I promise to be a leader of which you can be proud.
• I promise I will be a leader who eats last.

I'm asking for your vote and God bless you, your families and the great state of Georgia.





Brian Jack is one of President Trump’s most-trusted allies who has worked by his side for the last 8 years to Make America Great Again.

A 6th-generation Georgian, Brian was raised in Fayette County, and is a graduate of Woodward Academy, where he played basketball and baseball.

With an early passion for service to his community, Brian spent his summers during college working at Peachtree City Hall, helping build the city’s comprehensive plan.

Following graduation from Pepperdine University, Brian pursued a career in advocacy for conservative values, working for Dr. Ben Carson and the movement to strengthen the United States-Israel relationship.

In 2016, Brian joined President Trump’s campaign, where he led the effort to defeat the Never Trump opposition during the contentious Republican primaries.

Brian worked in The White House from the first to last day of President Trump’s Administration.

President Trump appointed Brian to serve as the White House Political Director, responsible for implementing the President’s America First agenda.

Brian worked by President Trump’s side to Stop Illegal Immigration, Pass Historic Tax Cuts, Confirm Conservative Judges, and Eliminate Needless Regulations.

Brian delivered America First results for Georgia for four years in President Trump’s White House. He is now asking you for your vote to deliver America First results in Congress.

President Trump needs strong, tested, and trusted allies in Congress to reverse what Joe Biden and the Radical Left have done to destroy this country. That is why President Trump has endorsed Brian Jack to be the next Congressman for Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District.

Brian pledges to be a strong, accountable, and conservative leader for the 3rd District and looks forward to earning your support.

Brian spoke at the Pike County GOP meeting on Tuesday, April 16th.

You can support Brian's at the following locations online:
Website: https://brianjack.com/
X: https://twitter.com/briantjack
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Jack-for-Congress/


The winner of both the Republican and Democratic Primary will face each other in November to win this seat.

There are 8 Voting Precincts in Pike County: Concord, Hollonville, Lifsey Springs, Meansville, Molena, Second District, Williamson, and Zebulon.

Here is list of the voting districts and locations:

Concord - 23 Society St, Concord, GA
Hollonville - 4056 Concord Rd, Concord, GA
Lifsey Springs - 8033 Georgia 109, Molena, GA
Meansville - 41 Means Street, Meansville, GA
Molena - 89 Depot Street, Molena, GA
Second District - 1585 Gresham Road, Zebulon, GA
Williamson - 56 Patton St, Williamson, GA
Zebulon - 7362 U.S. 19, Zebulon, GA

To see pictures of the voting precincts, please go to the Board of Elections and Voter Registration website at: https://govotepikecoga.wixsite.com/mysite. This can also be found by going to the county government website at https://www.pikecoga.com/, clicking on departments, and then clicking on Registrar.

And click here: mvp.sos.ga.gov/s/ to view your smaple ballot from the upcoming election.

Early voting is June 10-14, 2024 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Registrar's office, and Election day is Tuesday the 18th from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

There are two races that will be decided in this Republican Runoff: 1) District 3 County Commission race between Incumbent Jason Proctor and Challenger Ken Pullin (only District 3 residents can vote in this race) and 2) the District 3 US House race between Mike Dugan and Brian Jack to follow Rep. Drew Ferguson who is not running again (this is county-wide).

PLEASE NOTE: If you did NOT vote in the May 21st race, you CAN STILL VOTE in the Runoff.

If you voted Republican in the May 21st race, you may also vote in this Runoff.

However, if you voted on the Democratic ticket back in May, you CANNOT vote on the District 3 Commission race or the District 3 US House race between Mike Dugan and Brian Jack because both are on the Republican ballot.



My name is Maura Keller, and I am a Democratic candidate running for Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District. I live in Fayetteville, Georgia with my husband, David, and we share four children, two grandchildren, and two dogs. Until recently, I was working at Atlanta’s VA as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, and every day I would see our veterans being underserved and not always quality care. I did my best to help, but I needed to do something bigger that could actually effect change: run for office. Alongside attacks on women’s rights and our state ranking 41st for health care, this was enough for me to quit my job and take a leap of faith.

My career started in 1978 when I enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Military Policewoman, and I went on to receive numerous honors, including the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award. I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after 26 years and became an analyst, taking independent contracts with companies for the Under Secretary of the Department of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. These professional experiences taught me how to be a leader through effective communication and listening skills. I knew that every decision I made would affect the soldier in the field, and this philosophy will guide me as I make decisions for District 3.

The issues I care about include: raising the minimum wage, reducing health care costs, protecting social security, immigration reform, climate change, voting rights, education, gun safety, and defending our LGBTQIA+ community.

Women’s rights are also a huge part of my platform. My children and grandchildren now have less rights than I did, and I don’t want them to spend their lives fighting for the same freedoms that previous generations have had to. I am a passionate advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment and this is something I intend to support in Congress. When I win, I will become the first woman to ever hold office in Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District. If we have more women in Congress, we can protect reproductive rights, IVF, access to contraception, and equal pay.

In Georgia, we are facing a maternal health care crisis, and women and children are losing their lives far too often because our services are crumbling. We are one of the highest ranking states for rural hospital closures and many counties in Georgia do not have OB/GYN services. These issues disproportionately affect people of color, and it’s time that we end the racial health care gap, and invest in health care across the board.

I think I’m the right candidate for District 3 as I am not afraid to speak truth to power. I will work for the people, not the party. I will be accountable and dedicated to our district, and will use my experience as an analyst to make sure no stone is left unturned. After my service in the Army and as a health care worker, I am now ready to serve the American people in Congress.

Website: www.maurakeller.com/

Email: maura@maura4ga3.com

Phone: 404-482-0864

Tiktok/Instagram/Youtube: @getmorewithmaura

Facebook: Maura Keller for Congress

Reddit: r/maurakeller

Updated 6.6.24