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State Representative District 131

This is a two (2) year seat that is currently held by Incumbent Johnnie Caldwell, who was defeated in the Republican Primary by Challenger Ken Pullin. Ken Pullin will be running against Democratic Challenger Chris Benton in November.

Johnnie Caldwell, Republican, Incumbent - DEFEATED IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY

Johnnie Caldwell is seeking re-election in House District 131 covering Upson and Pike Counties and part of Lamar County.

Elected in 2013, Johnnie is a strong leader in the State House. He serves as the Chairman of the Legislative & Congressional Reapportionment Committee and as a member of the Appropriations, Banks & Banking, Insurance, Judiciary, Motor Vehicles and Rules Committees.

"It has been a privilege to serve the people of this community over the years - as your District Attorney, Judge and now as your State Representative. In the State House, I have a proven conservative record of getting it done for our families and community.

"Since my days in the U.S. Army, I have been committed to service and protecting the values we hold dear. In the State House, I have stood firm for our conservative principles and delivered for this community. I have delivered transportation improvements, brought back resources for our schools and libraries, and protected local control of our schools. I have also stood firm to preserve our religious freedom, protect our 2nd Amendment rights, crack down on illegal immigrants, and support our law enforcement to keep our families safe.

"This year, I was most proud to join the leadership team that passed the largest tax cut in Georgia history to keep more money in the pockets of hardworking Georgians - not the government's.”

Income taxes will be cut $5.5 Billion dollars over the next five years. The income tax rate has not been changed since 1933. It will go from 6% to 5.75% then to 5.5%. QBE for the first time ever will be fully funded Pike School system will get an additional $324,956.00 for education with no strings attached. It will also get $46,985.00 to use for school safety and can apply for funding for school buses. This is separate from QBE. By fully funding QBE, the school system will not have raise taxes to meet the short fall. There will be no short fall from the state.

"I am asking for your prayers and your continued support so I can continue fighting for the people of this community and values we hold dear. With your vote, I promise to continue my conservative record of getting the job done."

About Johnnie Caldwell

Prior to serving in the State House, Johnnie served as our District Attorney and Superior Court Judge where he worked tirelessly to secure justice and keep our community safe. Johnnie initiated the Victim Witness Assistance Program as well as an organization to fight child abuse in Pike and Upson Counties.

A proud American, Johnnie served our nation in the United States Army. He is the son of a WWII veteran and the father of U.S. Naval Pilot. Johnnie is life long member of the First Baptist Church of Thomaston.

Johnnie is married to the former Rita Albritton Trawick of Pike County. He and Rita have 5 grown children and 8 grandchildren.

Contact: 706-647-9223, 706-975-2223

Ken Pullin, Republican, Challenger

Republican Ken Pullin officially announced his candidacy for Georgia State House District 131 against incumbent Johnnie Caldwell Jr. Pullin, a resident of Pike county, will face off against Caldwell in the May 22nd Republican Primary.

“I have been watching what is happening in our country and knew that if I wanted to see a positive change, I needed to do something,” Pullin said in a statement. “Donald Trump was elected to drain the swamp in Washington, but there is a swamp that needs to be drained in Atlanta as well. I believe that a state representative should serve with integrity and put the interests of their constituents before their own. Frankly, I don’t think we have that now and the people of the 131st District deserve better. I have spent the past 8 months getting to know people around the district, learning about their concerns and asking how I could best serve them if I am honored to be their state representative.”

“We can’t send the same people back to Atlanta and expect a different result. It’s time for a common-sense approach in our state capitol. If I am elected to represent the 131st District, I will vote for fiscally sound policy, support constitutional carry and the elimination of Georgia’s income tax. However, my number one priority will always be taking care of the people who sent me to Atlanta to represent them. My door will always be open.”

Pullin grew up in Griffin, Georgia, and graduated from Griffin High School in 1993. He was awarded the Presidential Scholarship and the Hope Scholarship to attend Columbus State University, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He has worked in the technology industry for almost 20 years. Ken and his wife Shelby have been married for 15 years and have two children, Luke, 13, and Libby, 10. Shelby has a Master’s in Educational Leadership and has been teaching for 18 years. Ken and Shelby are members of Rock Springs Church in Milner, where they volunteer in multiple capacities.

Both Ken and Shelby have been members of the Pike County GOP since 2013, where Ken has served as Pike County GOP Vice Chairman and Shelby currently serves as Pike County GOP Treasurer. Ken is also a State Committee member of the Georgia Republican Party.


Chris Benton, Democrat, Challenger

Chris Benton, a Thomaston resident and member of the Democratic Party has announced he is running for Georgia State Representative District 131.

“I am running in this election for the purpose of providing a voice of change from the status quo. Politics as we know it has failed us; previous politicians have failed us; many in our community are hurting, and we must do more to deal with the issues affecting our neighbors.”

Chris’s message is simple, “Let’s work together to help all our neighbors by doing the following:”

Raise wages

Universal, cost effective healthcare
Greater investment in public education / HOPE expansion and reform
Move our state to 100% renewable energy
Automatic Voter Registration / Vote by Mail
Insure everyone has access to high speed internet

“I want people to know there is someone who actually has the passion to work for the betterment of everyone in our district and state. Someone who will not beholden to party politics, but will think critically to find solutions.”

The official campaign website is: www.christopherbenton.us. The official Facebook page is: www.facebook.com/chrisbentonga. The official Twitter is: www.twitter.com/chrisbentonga.

“I encourage people to go to the website and social media to see what I have to offer. I’m not a career politician. We need someone with the capability to stand up and fight for us by working to solve our current issues, and for our future.”

About Chris Benton

Chris grew up in Jonesboro, Georgia, and attended Lovejoy High School. He works in the telecommunications industry. Chris is married to the former Jolee Fallin of Fayetteville, Georgia. They have two children, Taylor, 18, and Adelaide, 14.

Email: chrisbentonga@gmail.com
Campaign Number: 470-745-0060
Address: P.O. Box 1243 Thomaston, GA 30286

Updated 5.29.18