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State Senator District 16

This is a two (2) year seat that is currently held by Incumbent Marty Harbin, who won against Challenger Tricia Stearns in the Republican Primary. Incumbent Marty Harbin is running against Democratic challenger Bill Lightle in November.

Marty Harbin, Republican, Incumbent

Senator Marty Harbin (R-Fayette) announced that he had officially filed paperwork to qualify for a run for a third term in the Georgia State Senate.

Harbin, the author of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a bill which he says is needed to protect the religious freedoms of Georgia, stated on Monday, "It has been an honor to serve the people of Fayette, Pike, Lamar, and Spalding Counties these past four years, and I look forward to representing them and defending their values for another term."

Harbin further stated, "My record of being a strong conservative voice is well known, and I plan to continue my practice of defending the lives of the unborn, the guns of law abiding citizens, and the religious freedoms of all Georgians."


[Note from the Editor: This will likely be updated since the Georgia Session is now finished.]

Tricia Stearns, Republican, Challenger - DEFEATED IN THE PRIMARY

Republican Tricia Stearns, a local businesswoman and Fayette County resident has confirmed her intention to run for State Senate District 16. She will challenge the seat currently held by Sen. Marty Harbin. Stearns has built a solid reputation as a respected leader in the community, as well as being a nationally ranked realtor, professional writer and local agriculture and community advocate.

“I am thrilled to announce my campaign for State Senate and look forward to being a true voice for citizens across this district. Real leadership means listening to our business community, our neighbors, our farmers and the people who work, live and raise their families here at home,” stated Stearns. “I am running because I want to create an environment of more accessible leadership for our district, to be a Senator who has the capacity and interest in connecting with those they represent. I am frustrated by unapproachable political leaders and have decided that instead of waiting for a change, it is time to be bold, to be the change, to stand up and get things done.”

Tricia is a driven, outgoing and visionary leader who has proven herself as a champion for ideas that help to improve her community. She is passionate about connecting with people and pioneering innovative solutions with a can-do spirit. She is a wife, a mother of three, a businesswoman, real estate broker and originator of the Peachtree City Farmer’s Market and Community Garden.

“As a Republican, I will stand strong for conservative values and protect our constitutional rights. I will continue to be a champion for business, creating growth for employers and employees across our district by keeping government out of the way of opportunity. I will hold firm to my value for fiscal responsibility, pushing to lower taxes and reduce unnecessary government involvement. I believe in local control of schools, in protecting our farmers and in supporting the ideas and industries that drive our district and state economy. As a woman of strong faith, I feel called to be an ambassador for others and stand up against threats to our civil liberties – to be a voice for those who feel left out of legislative process.”

Tricia Stearns holds an undergraduate degree from William Woods University in Missouri and when she moved to Georgia in 1995, she obtained her real estate license and started her own business where she has ranked in the top 2% of realtors nationwide. Tricia also earned her Master’s Degree in Professional Writing from Kennesaw State University. Since then, Tricia has contributed as a writer and editor for multiple media outlets including the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Fayette Woman, Georgia Gardener and other publications as well as serving as an adjunct professor of English at Gordon College and the Fairburn Campus of Georgia Military College. Tricia and her husband, Bern attend SouthSide Church in Peachtree City, GA.


Bill Lightle, Democrat, Challenger

An email has been sent to obtain a press release.

Updated 5.29.18