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Lt. Governor - State of Georgia - REPUBLICAN RUNOFF IN JULY

This is a four (4) year seat that is currently held by Casey Cagle who is running for Governor. Challenger David Shafer and Challenger Geoff Duncan are in the Republican Runoff in July. Rick Jeffares was defeated in the Republican Primary.

Challenger Sarah Riggs Amico won the Democratic Primary against Challenger Triana Arnold James.

The winner of the Republican Primary will run against Democratic Challenger Sarah Riggs Amico in November.



I want to keep our government focused on its core mission and ensure that Georgia remains the best state in the country in which to live and work. I want to develop a world-class workforce to help attract new business and industry to our state by boosting technical education and bringing back the dignity of hard work to our society. I want to help parents and students across the state by locking-in tuition costs for college. I will fight for conservative values and to repeal burdensome rules and regulation.


• State Senator, elected in 2010
• Chairman of the Regulated Industries, Vice Chairman of the Natural Resources Committees, Member of Appropriations and Ethics Committees
• Vice-President of the Georgia Rural Water Association.
• Founder, J&T Environmental Services
• Former City Manager, Locust Grove 2001-2007
• Former Henry County Commissioner 2008-2010
• BA in Management, Clayton College and State University


• Fight for Conservative Values: Protecting second amendment rights and protecting the unborn.
• Reduce Rules and Regulations: Getting the government out of the way of business.
• Reduce College Tuition: Lock-in tuition costs for each student over a four-year time period. Tuition for incoming freshmen will be locked in as their per-credit cost for four years.
• Boost Technical Education: Partner with existing industries and local communities to develop future workforce-ready employees and provide for College & Career Academies across the state to expose high school students to promising careers.
• Rural Economic Development: Focus on bringing broadband to all of rural Georgia in order to attract businesses and industry to locate to these areas.
• Improve Infrastructure: Continue to improve our transportation network of roads and bridges.

David Shafer, Republican - IN THE JULY RUNOFF

David Shafer is the conservative choice for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. For the last sixteen years as a member of the State Senate, he has led on conservative issues. He wrote the state's zero based budgeting law and the constitutional amendment that capped the state's income tax. He helped pass the historic income tax cut that Governor Deal signed into law earlier this year.

Shafer is pro-life. He led the fight to make adoption more affordable and less burdensome for adoptive parents. He has been endorsed by Georgia Right To Life and certified 100% Pro-Life by the Georgia Life Alliance.

Shafer has fought to protect our Second Amendment rights. He understands that the Second Amendment was written to secure our right to protect ourselves. He has been endorsed for Lieutenant Governor by the National Rifle Association and GeorgiaCarry.org.

Shafer is a strong supporter of law enforcement and has been endorsed by more than sixty Republican sheriffs.

David Shafer is a strong supporter of President Donald Trump. Shafer has been endorsed by Citizens for Trump, the largest independent organization of Trump supporters in America.

David Shafer has also been endorsed by Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum.

Shafer has a plan for rural Georgia, addressing both delivery of health care services and broadband access to the Internet. He understands that for rural Georgia to thrive, its citizens must have ready access to routine and emergency health care and be connected with the rest of the world by broadband Internet.

David Shafer believes that our rights come from God and that government exists to protects those rights. He understands the importance of churches and families to a healthy community. He supports religious freedom.

Shafer is a lifelong Republican who has campaigned in Pike County and has many friends in the community.

Shafer has been endorsed by more than 230 current and former members of the Georgia General Assembly. They know his character and work ethic.

All Republican candidates claim to be conservative. David Shafer has a proven track record of fighting for our conservative principles and values in Atlanta. He is running for Lieutenant Governor to continue that fight.



Triana Arnold James is a veteran, an advocate, a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, a pastor, the founder of The Susan Jolley Awareness Program (which brings awareness of cervical cancer and those gynecological cancers that effect women), the current Mrs. Georgia, and a member of the Global Humanitarian Delegates.

Triana wants to expand Medicaid to the uninsured, raise pay and support for teachers, protect veterans and ensure they are receiving benefits, improve our state’s voting rights by moving to paper ballots, and vote to approve the Equal Rights Amendment. No more missing moments to building bridges.

Triana will work to restore faith in our leadership. She believes that we need to embrace the diversity of all communities in the state of Georgia. She fully supports and will fight for the rights of the LGBTQIA, women, veterans, immigrants, Georgians with disabilities, impoverished communities, small businesses, all races, and religions.

Triana has spent her entire life serving her community and is proud to receive so many endorsements, including the support from the Mayor of Fayetteville, Edward Johnson.


Geoff Duncan, Republican - IN THE REPUBLICAN RUNOFF

Sarah Riggs Amico, Democrat

[Note from the Editor: All candidates received an email for information from Pike County Times. I will continue to update this page as information is received.]

Updated 5.29.18