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Secretary of State - REPUBLICAN RUNOFF

This is a four (4) year seat that is currently held by Brian Kemp who is not running for re-election. Challenger David Belle Isle will be the Republican Primary Runoff with Challenger Brad Raffensperger in July. Challengers Buzz Brockway and Josh McKoon were defeated in the Republican Primary.

Democratic Challenger John Barrow defeated Challengers Rakeim "RJ" Hadley and Dee Dawkins-Haigler in the Democratic Primary.

The winner of the Republican Primary will run against Democratic Challenger John Barrow in November.

David Belle Isle, Republican - IN THE REPUBLICAN RUNOFF

David Belle Isle, former Mayor of Alpharetta, is running as a Republican candidate for Georgia’s Office of Secretary of State (formerly held by Brian Kemp). Belle Isle is running to defeat voter fraud and to champion Georgia jobs. David will work to make sure only Georgia residents vote in Georgia elections, bring a photo ID component to the absentee ballot process, and to make sure paper is included in our elections process.

Under David’s leadership Alpharetta grew to over 100,000 jobs and 640 technology companies. It was also under David’s leadership that Alpharetta became known as “The Technology City of the South.” David spearheaded the effort to create Georgia’s first Technology Commission and will use that same model of conservative leadership to bring together those in agriculture and technology to maximize Georgia’s largest sector of the economy, agriculture.


Defeat Voter Fraud - require a copy of photo ID in order to vote by absentee ballot, implement the Proof of Citizenship Act, usher in new system of voting machines (capable of producing paper records in order to audit election results) and ensure our voter information is stored on closed-circuit cyber-secure systems to limit outside bad actors from potentially compromising voters’ personal information.

Champion Georgia Jobs - lead Georgia to be the best in our top industries of Agriculture, Technology and Logistics through applied conservative leadership. Make GA the number one Ag Tech State, fight job-killing regulations, expand GA’s start-up tech industry and honor out-of-state professional licenses for our military and their spouses.

David Belle Isle is a member of the NRA.

David has been endorsed by Georgia Right To Life (a pro-life advocacy organization).


David grew up in Gainesville, GA, the “Poultry Capital of the World,” with his brother Chris. It was in Gainesville, where David first learned the importance of faith, family and hard work at the local airport (run by his Father, Bob Belle Isle). David attended North Hall High School and later went to college at UGA (undergrad) where he served in the Red Coat Band. Upon graduation in ‘97 with a degree in marketing, he married the love of his wife, Candice, who is a former teacher. David and Candice currently reside in Alpharetta and have two children - Colton and Kayley. David also has a JD and MBA from Georgia State. David attends Northpoint Community Church where he and Candice lead a Bible study group.

Learn more at: www.davidbelleisle.com


I'm running for Secretary of State because I have a passion for the position. I don't view this office as merely a stepping stone to something else. I want Georgia to have the best election system and be the easiest place to do business in America. The people of Georgia deserve a Secretary of State who will focus on the job assigned by the Constitution – not looking to expand power, or change the duties of the office, but focus on the very important job Secretary of State is. I will do that.

Georgia's election machines are getting old and have reached the end of their life cycle. There are counties in this state who have purchased used voting machines on eBay to scavenge them for parts to keep other machines running. This is not sustainable. Most of the country votes on hand marked paper ballots that are then scanned and counted. This is likely the most cost effective and secure choice for a new elections system. We also need to conduct post election audits of the ballots to make sure the reported results match the paper ballots. Moving to a paper based system with post election audits will give voters confidence their vote is counted and counted accurately.

The Secretary of State’s office oversees most of Georgia’s professional licensing boards. Many of these licenses are important to protect the public from harm or fraud. However, we’ve seen a trend in recent years of professional licenses being used as a barrier to competition rather than merely to protect the public. As Secretary of State, I will work with the Licensing Boards and the Legislature to roll back unnecessary regulations and help qualified people get a job in the profession of their choice.

I am currently State Representative for the 102nd District in Gwinnett County which covers parts of Lawrenceville and Suwanee. I've lived in Lawrenceville since 1976. I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1990 with a Bachelors of Science in Management Science and a certificate in Economics. I worked as an operations manager in the plastics manufacturing industry for over 20 years before my wife and I started our own business in 2005. Christa and I have been married for 25 years and have 3 daughters. We attend Victory at Hamilton Mill Church in Buford.

I would be honored to be your choice for Secretary of State. You can learn more about my at my website www.voteforbuzz.com, send me an email at buzz@voteforbuzz.com, or give me a call on my cell phone at 678-895-9064.


Josh McKoon, a Republican from Columbus, is seeking the Republican nomination to become Georgia’s next Secretary of State.

McKoon was elected to the State Senate, in 2010, and began his first term in January 2011. He is a member of the Economic Development, Ethics, Insurance and Labor, Judiciary and is secretary of the Regulated Industries and Utilities committees. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Furman University and earned his law degree from the University of Alabama School of Law in 2003. He is married to the former Jacqueline Byrd.

From the start, McKoon has been recognized as the legislator willing to stand strong with Georgia citizens and have the “tough” conversations regarding policy debate and issues. He brings a unique resume, with his experience in elections law and as a state lawmaker, which will allow him to serve the citizens of Georgia as their next Secretary of State on Day One.

● Josh will focus on SIMPLIFYING licensing procedures and requirements in support of our state’s numerous small business owners.
● Josh will work to PREVENT illegal aliens from improperly voting
● Josh will push to REQUIRE a Photo ID for every vote cast
● Josh will IMPLEMENT a database to track all state expenditures
● Josh will work to ENSURE VETERAN votes count in elections
● Josh will WORK to speed of professional licensing process for military personnel spouses
● Josh is the ONLY CANDIDATE in the race with experience in ELECTIONS LAW, and will fight to ensure the integrity in Georgia elections.
● Josh has been ENDORSED by Georgia Right To Life, 22 of his peers in the Senate (including Sen. Marty Harbin), 17 Georgia Sheriffs and over 115 grassroots leaders across the state.

As you decide who to vote for Secretary of State in the May 22 Primary, ask yourself three questions:

1. Who is most qualified to do the job? Josh McKoon’s experience in elections law as a attorney, and his experience in the Senate make him the most qualified candidate in the race. He will not need on the job training, and can begin work on Day One.

2. Who is the best candidate to beat the Democratic opponent in November? Josh McKoon has a strong statewide organization, and will be prepared to go up against the Democratic nominee, probably John Barrow. Josh McKoon has gone toe-to-toe with the Democrats in the past, and has faced them down. We need our A Team on the debate stage in November, and that A Team is Josh McKoon.

3. Can you trust the person you put into office? Josh McKoon’s record of keeping his promises can be easily confirmed by his 8-year voting record in the State Senate.

Josh McKoon’s reputation as a staunch defender of conservatism and advocate of taxpayer rights makes him the candidate we need to restore integrity at the ballot box and the American Dream in Georgia.

Learn more at: www.joshmckoon.org

Brad Raffensperger, Republican - IN THE REPUBLICAN RUNOFF

During my campaign I have visited all over Georgia and enjoyed the historic charm of Zebulon and the Pike County courthouse. I am running for Secretary of State to make sure that only American citizens vote in our elections, to ensure that Georgia is a great place to find a job and to build a business.

As a citizen-legislator I have always defended taxpayers, small business owners, Life and the 2nd Amendment. I am endorsed by Georgia Right to Life, Georgia Life Alliance and the only candidate with a 100% rating from the Faith & Freedom Coalition of Georgia. I have never voted for a tax increase.

The Secretary of State’s office is the lightning rod for elections. My principle is simple – Make sure that only American citizens vote. Voter protection is critical. Once a ballot is cast it should not change from the time that it leaves the voter’s hand.

The current voting machines were put into place in 2002. That’s 6 years before we had iPhones. Georgia needs the most secure updated voting technology for the next decade with a verifiable paper audit trail. We need stronger encryption to keep your private confidential voter information secure.

Currently, I represent the 50th District in the Georgia House of Representatives, where I sponsored and we passed property tax cuts for all residents and seniors.

On a personal note, I married my high school sweetheart Tricia and we chose to raise our family and build our businesses here in Georgia. I have an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and MBA from Georgia State.

I am a registered Professional Engineer, licensed Contractor and business owner with manufacturing facilities in Columbus and Forsyth County. By providing the vision and executive management oversight my businesses now employ nearly 175 people.

I've worked and built projects in more than 35 states across the country and all over Georgia so I have seen first-hand just how easy some states make it to do business, while other states make it hard. As Secretary of State, I will make sure that Georgia is the best place to find a job and the best place to build a business.

I authored House Bill 87 to reduce red tape. This legislation provides business owners the flexibility to do multi-year business renewals for corporation registrations. As your Secretary of State, I will keep looking at innovations to streamline government regulations to expand job creation and opportunity.

The Secretary of State oversees 40 licensing boards with over 130 different licenses. Let’s only license what truly needs to be licensed and make that process fast and easy for the licensed professional so they can focus on their careers and not paperwork.

On May 22nd I am asking for your vote so I can fight for you and all Georgians to make sure that only American citizens vote in our elections, so Georgia is the best place to find a job and to build a business. Thank you.

email: Brad@BradforGeorgiaSOS.com
mobile: 770-845-3205


Georgia needs a rehaul of our entire voting system. Like many states, Georgia is utilizing outdated voting technology that can be compromised. The current voting machines do not have the capacity to provide paper audits; nor did the proposed legislation make that mandatory.

Our current voting machines have been proven to be manipulated. Elections should be transparent and auditable, hence the reason I fully support the usage of electronic paper ballots and receipts Therefore, without paper ballots or receipts, a recount would be "technically invalid" as the same information will be tabulated. It is imperative that we have a comprehensive study on voting and voting technology. This is why I sponsored legislation in 2014 to create a study commission on voting that would evaluate our elections and voter registration process


Georgia should have automatic voter registration for all of its legal citizens unless they are currently serving time for a felony or still on probation/parole for such crime(s).That being said, we should implement a system where everyone of legal age is registered to vote unless they "opt out". This basically means that unless you ASK to NOT be registered to vote, you are automatically opted in. This includes, but is not limited to high students once they reach 17 ½ years of age; those who pay state taxes, are enrolled in college, receiving state assistance, and those acquiring driver's licenses or state ID.

In 2015, I co-sponsored legislation for automatic voter registration when individuals are getting driver's licenses or state ID.


I have dedicated my life to public service through my role as an ordained minister, college educator, community activist, and political strategist. I am married to my college sweetheart Lt. Colonel David Haigler Jr, who is Chief of Cyber Security for the United States Army Reserves and is attached to the Pentagon. We have 4 children Christopher, Christyn, Hannah and Joshua, and 2 grandchildren Amari and Kingston. I served 8 1/2 years as a Georgia State Representative from June 2008 – January 2017. During my tenure in the Georgia General Assembly I served as Chair of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus and Chair of the Georgia Women’s Legislative Caucus. I also served as State Director for both Women in Government and the National Council of State Legislators Women’s Network. I have a B.A. in Political Science, Dual Masters Degree in Public Administration and Personnel Management, Ph.D Political Science (ABD) and four honorary Doctorate Degrees.

Find out more at: http://www.deehaigler.com/

John Barrow, Democrat


[Note from the Editor: An email has been sent to each campaign to obtain a press release. I will update this page as I receive information.]

Updated 5.29.18