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United States Representative, District 3

This is a two (2) year seat that is currently held by Incumbent Drew Ferguson who won against Challenger Philip Singleton on the Republican Ticket.

Challenger Chuck Enderlin defeated Challenger Rusty Oliver on the Democratic Ticket.

Republican Incumbent Drew Ferguson will be running against Democratic Challenger Chuck Enderlin in November.

Philip Singleton, Republican, Challenger - DEFEATED IN THE REPUBLICAN PRIMARY

Republican Philip Singleton officially announced his candidacy for US House of Representatives in Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District to run against incumbent Drew Ferguson.

Singleton proudly served our country for 15 years in the US Army, many of those years as a combat pilot. During this time he went on three combat tours; two in Afghanistan, one in Iraq, and is the recipient of two Bronze Star Medals. In addition to his time in the Army, he earned a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Science and a Master’s Degree in International Relations.

Singleton is a native of Fayette County. While there, he met his wife Julie, in a youth group at Grace Evangelical Church in Fayetteville, GA. They have been married for 14 years (15th year anniversary on April 21st), and have four beautiful children.

“When the 9/11 attack happened, I answered the call. I took an oath 15 years ago to serve and protect the United States of America and the US Constitution. I wish to continue to honor that oath by being a US Congressman,” said Singleton. As a Soldier, Singleton learned the value of honor and the power of integrity to achieve impossible missions in unforgiving environments.

In understanding more about his platform, he is a firm believer in term limits, strengthening our national security, holding elected officials accountable and keeping a transparent relationship between what is happening in D.C. and delivering it to the constituents, along with smaller government and putting people’s needs before the party platform, “We are not electing leaders to serve the party, we are electing leaders to serve us, the people.”

For more on Singleton and how you can support him for congress, go to www.philipsingleton.com

Chuck Enderlin, Democrat, Challenger

I’m Chuck Enderlin, and I’m the next Congressman from Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District. I live in Newnan with my wife and two children. I graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2003, served 11 years active duty in the US Marine Corps including a tour in Afghanistan, and continue that service today in the Marine Corps Reserves.

Growing up, my parents taught my sister and I two key values: work hard and help other people. These values were reinforced by my church, through Boy Scouts, during my training at the Naval Academy, and throughout my career as a Marine Officer. Servant leadership is based upon those values, and if we’re going to solve the problems facing our country we need servant leaders who can listen to their constituents and unite us on solutions.

Our country’s economy is increasingly out of balance and tilted against the American worker. We can change this by raising the minimum wage and rebalancing the tax code. The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 gave permanent tax breaks to corporations and the very wealthy. We need legislators with the courage to make the tax cuts permanent for the middle class, and to ask those with outsized incomes to pay their fair share for the benefits they have received.

Our country’s veterans are suffering through decades of neglect and a refusal to accept the debt we owe them. We can fix this by electing veterans like myself who are committed to funding the VA at 100% and resisting privatization efforts. Our service members often come home needing specialized care that is unaffordable on the open market. It is our national obligation to provide that care for those who have borne the battle.

Our country’s health care system is plagued with rising costs and falling benefits. We can fix this by instituting a public option to purchase Medicare. This would give consumers a choice of plans, something many don’t have. The increased insurance coverage would make sure our doctors and nurses get paid and that our hospitals don’t just stay open but that they thrive. It wouldn’t push companies like Aflac out of the market, instead they would face competition and that competition would bring consumer benefits.

Our country has a unique problem of school shootings. We can end this threat by pairing solutions that have wide agreement with principles of safety from our armed forces. A majority of Americans can agree on universal background checks for weapons purchases and for better mental health care and screening. When these are coupled with the culture of safety and responsibility present in our armed forces we can protect second amendment rights while keeping our students free of the threat of weapons violence.

Enacting these solutions requires electing servant leaders, men and women of character who are unafraid to do what is right, even in the face of opposition. I am honored to have that opportunity this year, and I look forward to representing you in Congress.


Drew Ferguson, Incumbent, Republican
(No website listed on the Secretary of State's website.)


[Note from the Editor: All candidates have been asked for info, and I will update as I receive this info.]

Updated 5.29.18