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Election Information on District 3 County Commissioner

ZEBULON - This is a four (4) year seat currently held Jason Proctor who won this special election in November of 2019 after the unexpected passing of long-time commissioner Tommy Powers.

Jason Proctor, Incumbent, has qualified for this seat. He is being challenged by Homer Gibbins, Jr. Both qualified on the Republican ticket. The winner will take office on January 1, 2021.

Jason Proctor, Incumbent

My name is Jason Proctor. I am running for Re-Election of District 3 County Commissioner.

I have lived in the county for 35 years. I am married and graduated from Pike County High in 1997. I co-own a family business that has been in the county since it was established in 1994.

I'm currently serving my first term. During my short time in office, I led the action for the Second Amendment Sanctuary status. Most weekends I ride the roads in my district and report back to the County Manager any issues I find so he can pass along to Public Works and they can be addressed. I have been working closely with both to try and find a solution for our road conditions. These are just two examples of the many issues I have been working on.

Before I was elected I served on the Planning Commission and have kept in close contact with the director and other members of this board. Therefore I am current on the issues we face in this County.

I live here, work here, shop here, and contribute to many organizations in the community. I am asking for your vote so I may continue the work that I have started. With your help we will Keep Pike Great.

Please contact me at jproctor@pikecoga.com for more info or with any concerns.

Homer Gibbins, Jr.

I am the father of seven children. I want them to grow up in a community they can believe in. As a husband to Amy Gibbins for 18 years I want to protect her for she has taught me to strive for our community by doing what’s best for a neighbors. I have worked with youth groups at Oak Hill Baptist Church since 1996 and a lot of those kids live in Pike County so I want to help build a future for them.

I’m not a politician and I don’t claim to be but my parents taught me to be the change that I want to see in the world. Our community has reached out to me about our roads and I want to follow through and try to bring relief, some new ideas to give our community confidence in our leadership that seems to be lacking.

I will work to bring jobs in our community that provide for the family. I believe in the family, it should be our greatest investment.

I love the feel of Pike County, we are a rural area and I want to bring the community together. We don’t have to see eye to eye on every issue but we can agree on common ground issues and build from there.

I want to stand on the constitution that our forefathers put in place that has been stepped on in other parts of our country.

I was born to be a fighter so I want to fight for our community.