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J. Joel Edwards Public Library Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
Thursday, September 15, 2023 - 4:30 PM

ZEBULON - The J. Joel Edwards Public Library Board of Trustees met on Thursday, September 15, 2023 at 4:30 p.m. at the library in a regularly scheduled meeting. In attendance were County Attorney Rob Morton, County Manager Brandon Rogers, Becky Watts from Pike County Times, Library Employee Helen Carter, Lauren Allgood from the Flint River Regional Library System (FRRLS), and Library Board members Chairman Anthony Vinson, Secretary Janna Brannon, Vice-Chair Grant Rowe, Angela Blount, Joy Walker, Patsy Page, Treasurer Curtis Ward, Library Manager Rosemary Bunn, Natalie Marshall, and Christina Ridley (newest member-Media Assistant in the Middle School).

I. Call to Order

II. Determine Quorum

III. Introductions

IV. Approval of the Agenda.


V. Approval of the June minutes.


VI. Financial Reports

Haven’t heard back from the auditors.

VII. Regional Director FRRLS, Natalie Marshall

Someone new has stepped into the courier and outreach work.

1,000 books before kindergarten. It has been relaunched here. To encourage parents to read. A lot of interest here in Zebulon.

The District Library Report is due on Monday.

Helping fund public access in libraries. Maybe work toward a projector if wanted for this library.

HOOPLA – Libby is the primary source for digital and audio. Hoopla also does streaming video. It is pay for use from the library. It can be expensive. Metered by a number of checkouts per patron per month. This is regional and not charged to one library. Probably not going to do this here. She brought this information in response to a question from a library board member.

Anthony Vinson asked Angela Blount about procedure on how to add items to the agenda that were in the emailed agenda but not the printed agenda that was approved today.

Motion to amend the agenda to add items a) approval of 23-24 budget, b) overhead projector for meeting room to Old Business, c) strategic planning committee. Approved.

VIII. Manager’s Report

Library Manager Rosemary Bunn advised that the same reports that are going to the commissioners are included for members. Includes numbers for the library.

No Murder in Coweta County this year. There were a number of conflicts.

July numbers. Teen programs-58 participants. That is an incredible number. Never had this many teens coming in.

Summer Reading was full to capacity every week. Beanstack didn’t work well with online registration. This will be fixed for next year. We used to do paper every year in the past. The numbers went down this year but thinks that the parents were not adding the info as the kids read. Natalie said that some like it, and it doesn’t work in other places. We’ll likely go back to paper next year.

Ricca is at Pre-K, Primary, and the Elementary School. Some bring their kids to the library as well.

Cami has reopened the Steamroom at regular hours again. Teens will be in there tonight. It is open on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. and by appointment. Can we add a line to the monthly report to track usage?

Teen Advisory Board as well. They help Cami decide what to do that teens will like. Monthly Teen Program.

Helen Carter is offering the monthly movie for the seniors here in Pike County.

The Library on the Go van will be present at the Concord Jubilee and was at Bigfoot. Over 3,000 people came through Bigfoot last year.

Lib Tech Request. We need 2 more computers, a new scrolling tv, and asked for the projector. Talked about the needs for the smart board that works like a computer projector. This would be good for civic groups.

Bunn is on limited time and not working full-time right now. CM Rogers came up with an idea for Helen to take over some of Rosemary’s responsibilities. Brandon has agreed to make Ricca temporary full-time in order to take any of Helen’s responsibilities that she needs to turn over. Also suggested that if Helen needs more coverage during the transition, that some of the others can have a few more hours than the 29 that they are currently working. Regional will help provide coverage here at the library if there is an emergency situation here. <#0000cc">[Note from the Editor: Library employees have specialty training so not just anyone can walk in and help behind the counter.]

Online timecard is in the works. The library will be the first place to try this out.

Microfilm machine allows people to pull up newspapers back to 1988. They are looking at some updates for this.

X. New Business

a. Impact Fees Update

Vinson advised that the Board has not received any answers on this about Impact Fees and purchases. He said that the Board can either approve the budget without the answers (he recommends this), or the Board can wait until December for answers to their questions and then approve the Library budget (which he doesn't recommend). The commission has already approved the budget even though the Library hasn’t received their answers on this.

Motion to approve the 2023-2024 budget. Approved.

b. Overhead projector

This is a moot point so this is being requested through Lib Tech.

c. Strategic Plan Committee.

This is a critical component of this Board’s existence for the future of the library. It was approved 3 years ago and needs to be reviewed for the December meeting. Is anyone willing to look this over for changes, etc.? Vinson asked Janna Brannon to chair this committee. Have a meeting with the 2 people who will be on the committee with her and make suggestions. Patsy and Joy volunteered. Motion to establish a Strategic Plan Committee. Approved.

X. New Business

a. Impact Fees Update

Grant Rowe. Question on this $150,000 in Impact Fees waiting to be spent. There was discussion about using the money for parts of the Strategic Plan for things already approved. We discussed an outdoor area, and the consensus was to use the money to start this project.

Vinson. An outdoor gazebo has been mentioned repeatedly. Tables, ceiling fans, electrical outlets, etc. What do y’all think about this? Any matching funds? Not at this time. A lot of prework would be needed like where it will go and what it will look like. Permission to move forward with the preliminary work? It is part of the Strategic Plan. This is probably an 18 months to 2 year project. Want to get estimates and get rolling.

Motion to move ahead on a project to construct an outdoor meeting space as per our Strategic Plan. Discussion. Moving ahead means finding someone to give estimates for construction. This will go through the Library Manager.

XI. Executive Session

Vinson withdrew his request for an executive session.

Board terms are coming up. Angela Blount, Anthony Vinson, and Curtis Ward. Ad will start running soon.

CM Rogers. What did you need from the auditors? Answer. We just haven’t received a report yet. They have the journal entries that would have allowed us to finish out the year.

Rogers. With the outdoor project, when you figure out what you want to do, Building and Grounds could help with this project. You have to figure out what you’re looking for first, but they can help with this.

Motion to adjourn.

Adjourned at 5:35 p.m.

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