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Photos courtesy of Reconciliation House, Inc.
Helping Reduce Recidivism in Middle Georgia
By Editor Becky Watts

YATESVILLE - Reconciliation House, Inc. has a mission to eliminate recidivism through prevention, with a focus on a family-style living quarters as a bridge to prominence from prison. Through their effort and those of volunteers in our community, they are building a therapeutic community to thrive and not just survive.

Reconciliation House, Inc. ministry was organized in 2001 in Jonesboro under the leadership of Angela and Exavier Johnson. Angela says that she was given a vision by God “to reach out to women coming out of prison—to embrace them, and to recreate a loving and nurturing family environment for them and to connect them with the local church and community.” Angela said in a previous interview that “if ex-prisoners were going to succeed on the outside of those bars, they needed key elements that were missing from their life.”

Reconciliation House, Inc. ministry moved to middle Georgia in 2003 and has been working in our community ever since then and it is doing some amazing things in our community!

One of those efforts to prevent recidivism is its annual Fun in the Son camp for children of the incarcerated. Participants receive mentoring and leadership training. Many of these photos are from the 2013 Fun in the Son camp. There are also photos from the 1st annual Quest Camp which was also held this year.

Each year at Christmas, Reconciliation House and volunteers from our community work together to prepare meals that are delivered on Christmas Day. Contact Angela Johnson at 478-787-4215 to volunteer for the Christmas dinner. (Please tell her that you read about Reconciliation House on Pike County Times.com!)

How does Reconciliation House do so much in our community? It receives help directly from churches and volunteers in our community and works through donations that are received for its ministry. On November 13, 2013, Georgia Gives Day, thousands of people across Georgia will raise as much money as possible in a 24 hour period for non-profits such as Reconciliation House. Click here

Next year’s goals for Reconciliation House, Inc. include feeding over 250 people for Christmas at $10.00 per, sponsoring over 100 children for camp at a cost of about $200.00 per child, and housing 5 women at about $600.00 per month for a total of about $30,000.00.

Each donation will help them in their efforts to help reduce recidivism in our community. Donations can also be sent to Reconciliation House, Inc. at PO Box 143, Yatesville, Georgia 31097.

Click here to read more about Reconciliation House, Inc.


These photos are courtesy of Reconciliation House, Inc.