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The following document is a part of Pike County's history. You can view a copy of it at the Library but cannot check it out. This is a 57 plus page document that I have scanned and placed part of online. Pike County has come a long way since the Pike 2000 committee met and discussed goals for our county.

Pike County's political history is pretty fascinating to me. This will show how Pike County began planning for our future and how far we have come in those plans or how our plans as a county have changed.

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Pike 2000 Economic Development Council Final Report February 1988


"The Pike County Economic Development Council (Pike 2000) was formed in March 1987 at the request of the Pike County Commissioners. The organizational meeting of the Committee was held at the Pike County Courthouse on 26 March 1987. The work of the Committee was started with a meeting presented by the Georgia Extension Service from the University of Georgia. Dr. Horace Hudson and Dr. Rusty Brooks presented a report on the economic and demographic statistics of Pike County and led a meeting and discussion with members of the County Commissioners, Pike 2000 Committee, and the general public on 23 April 1987. In early May, the Committee was organized into Subcommittees to deal with specific subjects."

  1. The Committee officers and Subcommittee Chairman are as follows:
    1. Chairman - Fred Roney
    2. Vice-Chairman - Roger Shannon
    3. Secretary - Jack Park, Jr.

  2. Subcommittees:
    1. Education/Human Resources - Dr. Jim Turpin
    2. Industry and Business - John Strickland
    3. Environment/Land Use - Ruth Chandler
    4. Public Safety - Sonny Bartlett
    5. Public Relations - Charles E. Bentley

The Pike 2000 Economic Development Council members are as follows:

Hollis Bankston, John Barker, Sonny Bartlett, Richard Beckham, Homer Bennett, Charles E. Bentley, Myrtle Bentley, Roger Brandenburg, Jean Callaway, Homer Capel, Ruth Chandler, Rufus Clemmons, Donnie Dickens, Ken Duke, James Fleming, David Fowler, Don Gordy, Jim Gore, Sonny Gwyn, Pat Hankins, Bobby Harrison, Lewis Hawkins, Anderson Herring, Robert Horne, Roy Hughley, Jerry Janey, June Trawick Watts, Gordon Webb, Britt West, Bill Kaufman, Charles L. King, Helen Kitchens, Bill Lawrence, R. Larry Lynch, Rachel McClelland, Betty McDonell, Joe McGee, Jack L. Park, Jr., Joe Parks, Barbara Parks, Howard Rawlins, Judy Reid, Johnny Reviera, Curt Rice, Billy Riggins, Robbie Robertson, Fred Roney, Jim Rush, Edd Sanders, Roger Shannon, Brent Stein, John Strickland, James D. Turpin, Paul Vignos, Willie B. Ward, Bryan Whitehurst, and Geneva Woods.

Goals and Objectives

"The goals and objectives of Pike 2000 were to examine the over the next 15-25 years. The name "Pike 2000" refers to the economic and social prospects and problems facing Pike County year 2000 in the same manner as a previous report prepared for the State entitled "Georgia 2000".

Each of the Subcommittees was given the task of identifying goals and objectives deemed important in their subject area; listing and discussing the resources presently available and make appropriate recommendations to be implemented by county government or other organizations.

The Committee has made efforts to involve Pike County citizens from every area of the County from different occupations and from different economic levels so that input could present views from a true cross-section of our community. We realize the value of all the people of the County working together for a better quality of life now as well as in the future. The Committee feels Pike County may soon be changed from the largely rural character to a county more influenced by the urban growth from south Atlanta.

The changing of U.S. Highway 19 from Thomaston to Griffin from a two-lane to a four-lane highway will create a high volume traffic corridor running completely through the middle of Pike County encouraging population growth in Pike as well as Upson County with easier access to jobs in Clayton County and south Atlanta which are less than one hour's drive from Pike County.

Also considered by the Committee is the proposed outer perimeter highway which would encircle the Atlanta metropolitan area and as presently projected would cut through northern Pike County. Such a highway will cause commercial and industrial growth with the attendant population growth.

Pike County can no longer expect to remain a sleepy rural county but must plan for these inevitable changes so that the good quality of life enjoyed now can be sustained through this expected growth by making plans and changes now to accommodate such growth.

It is with these concerns in mind that the Committee makes the following report and recommendations:"



Goals and Objectives

Reduce infant mortality rate in Pike County and prevent unintended teenage pregnancies.

Available resources

Adequate prenatal care is the best solution to low birth weight babies. This service is provided at the Health Department. It is called the W.I.C. Program. WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children Supplemental Food Program. The WIC Program will provide, at no cost, nutritional foods for (1) pregnant and nursing women, (2) infants to one year of age, and (3) children, ages one through the fifth birthday.

Family Planning Services are also provided at the Health Department. Physicals are given and a supply of birth control pills can be provided. A physician from Barnesville and two nurses perform the needed services. Information pamphlets are available to provide information on family planning, sex and veneral diseases.

The Personal Growth Center in Griffin is available to counsel individuals in the area of family planning, birth and alternatives to keeping the babies. They will allow one counseling session for a child under 18 without parental consent. The fee will be based on the parent’s income. The center can provide the one time service to the underage children at no fee or one percent which would cost $1.00. If a young female is pregnant and considering an abortion or putting the child up for adoption, the Center will discuss all available options and all pros and cons to help the young female make her own decisions. They do not make referrals to abortion services.

To assist with the increasing cost of the delivery of a child, the Department of Family and Children Services has several programs available.


* Have a detailed presentation at the local school system to provide information on family planning, the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and the resources available for pregnant females.

* Have church organizations have open discussions with young members on the responsibilities of sexual activities.

* Through the schools and the Extension Service, encourage parents to discuss information on sex and the associated responsibilities with their own children.

* Make the community aware that this is a problem but that it can be resolved with their support.

* Form a group of students at the local school system to be advocates for these programs. In many instances, the communication between the parent and the child is poor to non-existent. Students would be more inclined to listen to a respected peer.

* The cost involved in these recommendations is minimal. The resource persons are available in this County to provide all necessary information. Most costs are absorbed by local governmental agencies such as the school system, Health Department, DFACS, and the Extension Service.


Goals and Objectives

Determine ways in which the County could provide recreation activities for the people of Pike County for the following reasons:

- To provide a safe environment for our youth to spend their idle time.

-Provide a place in which people of Pike County might work off the pressures of everyday life.

-Provide the people an opportunity to get the needed exercise and relaxation they seek.

-To provide a place where families and groups may share time together.

-To provide a place where people of Pike County may interact with one another.

-Create the recreational facilities which would be part of the reasons businesses and families looking to move to the County would choose to locate here.

Available resources

The existing recreational resources in Pike County include the County Recreational Complex located near the old C.I. on Work Camp Road, and two (2) lighted tennis courts located behind the Pike County School Administration Building on Jackson Street. The Recreational Complex includes three (3) fields for T—ball, softball, or baseball. The tennis courts are controlled by the school system, but can be used by the public. Also, at present, the school system is allowing the Recreational Authority to use the field inside the track for soccer games. Recently, the County Commission has designated an additional forty (40) acres adjacent to the present complex for future use by the Authority to be developed as funds and resources become available.


* Pike County Commission levy 1/2 mil a year for use by the Recreational Authority. (Approximately $50,000 in 1987)

* City governments in Pike County should be encouraged to include funds for the Recreational Authority in their budgets.

* Pike County Commission should hire a recreation director for the County either directly, or through the Recreational Authority.

* Parks and recreation priorities should be in the following order:

1. Continue develop the present Pike County Recreation Complex.

2. Check on possible incorporation of Second District Community, ball fields, concession stand and rest rooms, playground and picnic area.

3. Update existing facilities or add to them when needed in the Molena, Meansville, and Williamson areas.

4. Develop activities in the following non—park related areas: Bowling, Skating, Miniature Golf, Fishing Camp, Gun and Archery Clubs, BMX Bike Raceway or Trails, and Dirt Track Racing.

5. Educate Pike County residents on the many benefits of the Pike County Extension Service.

6. Use existing church facilities in the County for meetings through the Extension office as a way of reaching more of the people of the County.

7. Encourage the use of privately owned buildings and/or church facilities to train others in such activities as arts, crafts, decorations, and music.

Total Pike County Population Chart

1960 - 7,138
1970 - 7,316
1980 - 8,537
1985 estimate - 9,000
1990 estimate - 9,845
2000 estimate - 12,364

37.4% growth expected in the next 13 years.


Goals and Objectives

Develop programs and services to assist the elderly who many not be able to help themselves.


Available resources Available resources include one apartment complex which operates at maximum occupancy all of the time, DFACS has a limited transportation provision program which is restricted to medicaid recipients, Health and County Extension Departments have info which can be made available to citizens, Social Security representative and Personal Growth Center located in Griffin serves Pike County, and some unorganized and informal efforts exist in the County in providing one on one attention to older people.


* County government should establish incentives for private business to build apartments designed for the elderly using federal grants and funding to cover costs.

* City councils should establish local community volunteer system to provide transportation services to the elderly.

* County government should contact the Social Security Administration office in Griffin and encourage filed representatives to come periodically to Pike County so services are more readily available.

* Churches, school groups and civic organizations should promote an “adoption system for older citizens in which the older citizen could agree to be the volunteer’s special person.. Volunteers could make home visits and telephone calls to older persons who are socially isolated or in need of occasional assistance.


Goals and Objectives

The goals is to prevent or reduce the dropout rate in the Pike County schools. Students who leave school before graduation generally encounter significant problems in attaining the type of job or job satisfaction they desire in adult life. It is in the best interest of youth to encourage them to remain in school. Some oI the major reasons listed for leaving school early are:

(1) Learning difficulties/low grades
(2) Economic need for employment
(3) History of failure in school
(4) Poor relationship with teachers or peers
(5) Poor home support for education
(6) Lack of supportive relationships One hundred thirty-one (131) students left the Pike County School System before completing high school during the years 1985 and 1986, according to the principalts completion reports to the Georgia State Department of Education.

Available Resources

Programs already in the schools that are designed to address some of the reasons for leaving school early are:

  • Special Education Program
  • Chapter I Program: Remedial Mathematics and Reading Programs
  • JTPA Classes for career counseling and job site supervision
  • Advisor/Advisee Groups

* Additional school system research needs to be done to develop programs to encourage parental involvement in the school programs.

* Strong programs to address peer relationship, drug and alcohol abuse and sex education should be developed. These issues should also be addressed by other community groups such a local churches, law enforcements agencies, Health Department, Milby Medical Center, and Department of Family and Children Services.

* Add additional vocational classes at the high school for students not interested in attending college.

* Pike County Chamber of Commerce should encourage businesses to promote high school education through their hiring practices. Encourage part-time work until the individual has graduated.

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