Whatever your skill level, we will help you and your firearm perform better.

Full Blown Firearms is a faith-based Christian company that is family owned, family oriented and kid friendly. Brad and Lisa Ward held an Open House on April 25, 2015 with refreshments and door prizes, and open hours on the range including the SCCY Range Experience where visitors could try out the new CPX-2 handguns including special pricing to take one home! Battle Rifle also had a representative on hand to answer questions. It was a lot of fun! (Pictures can be found by clicking here.)

Brad Ward has 25+ years training experience within the Law Enforcement, training, and shooting community, a degree in Criminal Justice, was an NRA Field Representative 2010-2014 and also has experience as an NRA Firearms Instructor, an NRA Range Safety Officer, and is an Alias training graduate. Full Blown Firearms is licensed and insured.

A list of classes that are offered can be found by clicking here. The calendar of classes can be found on Full Blown Firearm's home page at fullblownfirearms.com. Full Blown Firearms specializes in small group and individual personalized training classes. Their family oriented approach can help you and your family be better and safer with a firearm too! For more information or to book a class, call Brad Ward at 678-463-8155.

Click here to find out about gunsmithing services that can be provided at Full Blown Firearms. For more information or to set up an appointment, call Brad Ward at 678-463-8155.

Full Blown Firearms is located at 475 North Rover Rd in Williamson, GA 30292. You can reach Brad at Full Blown Firearms by calling his cell phone at 678-463-8155 or by email at fullblownfirearms@bellsouth.net. Full Blown Firearms is also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/fullblownfirearms.

Call Brad Ward at Full Blown Firearms at 678-463-8155 for all of your firearm needs or check out www.fullblownfirearms.com for more details about training and gunsmithing and follow Full Blown Firearms on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/fullblownfirearms.
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